Pretty Deadly | Graphic Novel Review

There are certain genres which you don’t reach for that often, but I’ve noticed that I’m way more on the outlook for the perfect piece within that genre than in the ones I read more often. Graphic Novels and Comics is such a genre. I’ve always looked for the “perfect one”; there were several great candidates, but it never clicked completely. Until this one.
I’ve seen Pretty Deadly around for quite a while; first came cross this Graphic Novel on the Booktube-Channel from Mercedes “MercyBookishMusings” and then heard Sarah, part of the wonderful duo on the channel “TeaHags” mentioning it in one of her Graphic Novel wrap-ups. I had it on my TBR, as part of the quest to find “the one” I put some of the more popular ones on there, I picked it up, but was still pretty skeptical even though I trust these two ladies and their tastes. My standard for Graphic Novels is even higher than in other genres.
And now, here we are, I’ve found the perfect graphic novel. This is obviously a personal opinion, as the quest was personal to being with, but here are some of the reasons why I loved this one so much. It’s one of those stories where it’s best to go into it without knowing too much about it. I went into it like that and I truly believe that helped the enjoyment. Still, there are a few things I want to say plot-wise.
This is the story of the daughter of death, how she came to be who she is and how this is connected to the story of Sissy and how she and Mason Fox met after his partner died under mysterious circumstances. It’s your typical western with even darker undertones. The storytelling in this Graphic Novel is absolutely interesting and fascinating. It is told through the narration of a skeleton rabbit and a butterfly as the start of every new issue with their quirky unique narration style. It gives the story the appropriate grain of humor and is a wonderful way of connecting the different storylines.
We open with a setting that is clearly a Western which moves on throughout the story and is met by an amazing set of characters, every single one of them fleshed out and complete and still mysterious enough to wonder where their story is going. On top of that, a lot of the main characters are bad-ass women and it flows so naturally. Truly bad-ass and not just there for the sake of having a seemingly badass characters.
The writing is absolutely beautiful and definitely nothing like anything I’ve seen in Graphic Novels/Comics. It works perfectly with the characters and the setting.
I’ve heard people mention that they were slightly confused about the storyline and I certainly felt that way at the beginning, but it was always part of the mystery of the story and got resolved for me at the end of the story.
The one thing that completely sold me is the fact that I would read this story as a novel and love it just as much. It works perfectly as a Graphic Novel, the art style is gorgeous, but it would be just as amazing as a novel.
It’s definitely not for everyone, but worth trying out by everyone.


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